Here are the download details for Knee Replacement Handbook


Download Details


Here are the direct links to the components of the program.  Keep this information in a safe place.


Component #1 – Video Presentation (45 minutes):

(If there are any issues with the above video, you can go here – / Password – krh179 )
  • Part #1 – What You Need to Know About a Knee Replacement Starts at the 2:08 minute mark.
  • Part #2 – What Will Make Your Knee Replacement Pain Better or Worse is at the 23:51 minute mark.
  • Part #3 – 3-Stage Pain Relieving Exercise Program for Knee Replacement is at the 34:16 minute mark.


Component #2 – A handout of the presentation that you can print out and take notes on as you watch the presentation: 


Component #3 – Copy of the video presentation that you can print out or store for your files: 


Component #4 – Exercise Program:


In the “Exercise Program” file you will find the 3-Stage Pain Relieving Exercise Program (on page 8), Video Library (starts on page 9 and passwords are in the column next to the URL), Bibliography (on page 49).


I cannot view the video files?


The video files are M4V. They are viewable in iTunes and QuickTime.

If you do not have iTunes or Quicktime, you can download them here for no fee.

QuickTime –

iTunes –

A media player that I like and have on my PC and Mac is VLC media player –


When I Click on the File, I get an Error?


Try to copy and paste the URL into your web browser.


Will I get anything in the mail?


The program is fully digital. You get it right away. No need to wait for anything in the mail. You get it right now and can start getting results right away.


Few Other Things to Remember


#1 – What will appear on your credit card is: Healing Thro or ClickBank / CLKBANK*COM.

#2 – Make sure to add to your address book in your email platform so I can seen you updates of the program and other cool stuff.

#3 – If you unsubscribe from my emails, I won't be able to send you updates of the program and other cool stuff.

#4 – If you can't find one of my emails, check your Trash or Junk folder, it may have ended up there by accident.

P.S. – If you have any questions, you can email me at

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