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Month 9

Way to go! You've reached Month 9 of your EFI+ Membership! It's a new month of learning tips and treatments for managing your pain and helping you regain your mobility and strength.

This month's spotlight focuses on conquering elbow pain. We've selected various content to help you understand one of the most common elbow injuries, tennis elbow. You'll discover effective exercises to prevent future injuries and you'll explore lifestyle modifications that promote holistic healing and recovery.

Here's what you can anticipate for this month:

Starting with the Pain-Free Pro category, you'll get free access to a video assessment for tennis elbow, informative articles on natural pain relief, and targeted exercises to boost your elbow's mobility and strength.

Improve your elbow mobility and strength with Fitness Fusion! This category unlocks a series of exercises and informative articles on activity modifications, all designed to target your elbow joint. Enhance your range of motion, build strength, and reduce your risk of injury through a combination of different exercises.

Learn how to improve your surroundings through the Wellness Formula section. You get to access different articles about the toxins in your household and offer safe, eco-friendly alternatives. Gain the knowledge to transform your home into a safer, greener space – all with our insightful tips!

Achieve mind-body harmony with Mindful Movements. This category will teach you meditation techniques to calm your anxious mind and unlock inner peace. Enjoy deeper sleep, increased energy, and even a sense of spiritual rejuvenation – all in one place.

Month 9 is dedicated to addressing elbow pain. That's why we're introducing our Tennis Elbow Pain Solution program, designed to help you recover and get back to enjoying your favorite sport pain-free. Don't let elbow pain slow you down!

Don't let pain limit you! Join EFI Plus and gain access to exclusive pain management resources. Elevate your well-being today.

Pain-Free Pro

Welcome to the EFI Plus Month 9 offer, focusing on comprehensive solutions for managing and preventing Tennis Elbow Pain. In this offer, you will gain access to these amazing topics:

The Four Tests to Check If You Have Tennis Elbow
Unleash the four easy tests that, when combined with a physical examination and medical history review by a healthcare professional, can help diagnose tennis elbow.

Fitness Fusion

Welcome to Month 9 of our Fitness Fusion, where we continue to explore holistic approaches to fitness and well-being. This month, we're focusing on an often overlooked but crucial aspect of fitness—joint health, particularly issues related to the elbow.

Wellness Formula

Introducing the EFI Plus Month 9 Offer for Wellness Formula - your gateway to a safer, healthier lifestyle!

Dive into essential knowledge with our Blog-Free Must-Have First-Aid Kit Items Checklist, ensuring you're always prepared for emergencies.

Mindful Movements

Embark on a transformative journey with Month 9 of EFI Plus Mindful Movements – a sanctuary for holistic well-being. Immerse yourself in practices designed to nurture both body and mind.


Tired of tennis elbow pain holding you back? We have the solutions you need!

For the Month 9 on EFIcyclopedia, we're tackling tennis elbow! It's a common condition that can develop not just from playing tennis but also from everyday activities.

Featured Product

Tennis Elbow Pain Solution

Is your backhand feeling more like a back-ouch? Don’t let tennis elbow pain sideline your game! — Introducing Tennis Elbow Pain Solution! A program that can be your personal service coach, guiding you through a series of exercises designed to outplay pain and strengthen your serve!

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